For the past few months I’ve been working with Packt Publishing on a beginner’s guide to UnrealScript, and now it’s been announced!

Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: Beginner’s Guide

The book is written for anyone who is new to UnrealScript, whether you’re just getting into programming or you’re moving to UnrealScript from another language.  Instead of dry text, you’ll build a working game that’s added to with each chapter.

Head over to the website to pre-order your copy!

14 Responses to “UnrealScript book announced!”

  1. Kyle says:

    If I buy the RAW book, will I get updated as you continue to add to it?

    And, thanks for writing this. It’s something I’ve been waiting for. :)

  2. mr12fingers says:

    I’m thinking of buying the RAW also but would like the answer to the previous posters question as well. Will we get the updates as you add to it. Also, does it cover iOS at all?



  3. Rachel says:

    Yes, if you buy the RAW you get the updates if it’s changed before release. It doesn’t cover iOS though, this is just a basic guide to the language.

  4. Ioannis Katsieris says:

    I just bought your raw book. It looks nice after a small reading i did. But i have one remark … your ini files and folder structures look like they refer to UDK before June where mobile and normal UDK were merged. Could u please add a refference to the new status where those files are merged ? And also an explenaiton of how to handle those new files and classes referations ? This is very omportant to me and other programmers who want to make mobile applications. Thx for your time

  5. Rachel says:

    Hi, thanks for getting the book! I updated all of the chapters during the revision phase to reflect the most recent UDK build, but the RAW version hasn’t been updated yet. Once the rest of the chapters are released the revised ones will be as well. Thank you for your patience!

  6. Ioannis Katsieris says:

    How will i be aware of the changes in the raw book ? Is there an automatic way ? By the way … nice work on the book . Clearly made and correct steps for a noob like me :) . I also believe that it covers steps ahead of beginner level as well.

  7. Hossein says:

    we realy like your book … but we living in iran and cant buy that … if there is any way we can buy that book please tell us…ebook version is great too ….

  8. gunsong says:

    its a very good book taught me alot and gave me a solid foundation for futher studies. Congrats for a well written book and hope there will be more in the future.

  9. Vern says:

    Hi, I bought your book off Amazon for my Kindle and was wondering if htere is a link to the disk content?